lunedì 20 febbraio 2012

"Windmills" included into Netlabel Music Podcast

My track "Windmills" was included into Netlabel Music Podcast n.8 (ON-Mix Music), mixed and compiled by DJ PulseID. 

You can listen and download it for free here: 

Here is the tracklist:

1. Keshco – Top Deck (ep: Futile Peace Offering)
2. Viral Implications – A Homeless Farewell (upcoming ep: Tears of Glass)
3. Subforms & Zizz – Cradle (ep: Changes)
4. Alesio Phareira – Kadouki (ep: Kadouki EP)
5. Strom Noir – Rising Clouds (ep: Music for the Succulents)
6. Trois – Bananas Saturees (album: Collines)
7. ZZZZRA – Ne Rien Faire (ep: Recompilation)
8. The OO-Ray – Qteka (ep: Waimea)
9. Abiz Sonko – Liquit (ep: Señora X)
10. Duration of Life – 616 (upcoming)
11. Boktor – Krakke Mikkig (upcoming ep: Headfuck)
12. Gnyonpix- Poyopoyo (ep: Place for a lost boy)
13. Volfoniq – Hypnos (album: Ernest)
14. Stév – Windmills (ep: Windmills EP)
15. Oilboy’s Aftersun – Happy Meal (upcoming album: Rain In Paradise)
16. Oenilloc Sound – Evening (album: Aspiration)
17. Rotkob Lergnom – Strip Search (upcoming ep Sonic Boom)
18. Steve de Pauw – The One For You (Mr. DeVo! Electrified remix)
19. Straight Component – Burning Like A Fire (upcoming album: Cani Randagi) 
20. ZZZZZ – Late Night Television (upcoming ep: Disco Bowling)