venerdì 17 aprile 2015



Today you can stream the premiere of “Hills Are Floating”, the first single off my debut LP via The 405!
Here’s the link:

Free download available here:

“'Hills are Floating' brings together a multitude of different sounds to create an atmosphere truly all his own, one that's calming while still remaining interesting - it won't put you to sleep, but it'll bring you to a state of peace and relaxation.” – The 405

I’m finally able to reveal the details about my new album and first full length work, named “Beyond Stolen Notes”: it will be out on May 18th on digital via US Loci Records and limited vinyl via italian Megaphone Records! This project means the world to me and I feel truly grateful to everyone involved to make this record real! An album which was born in Berlin, evolved in my hometown Ancona, went through Tokyo and took inspiration even from my life in Torino and Urbino: the actual deepest exploration I had inside myself. 

I’ve always seen life like a trip and while moving from a step to another I’ve always took notes through several surfaces: travelling, staring at different landscapes, meeting people, smelling various fragrances… My final way to express what I learned until the present is music, putting down all my experiences into tunes which reflect them as much as possible, trying to catch and create sounds that are able to blend my history with my daydreams. Notes can be stolen, but memory remains.

Thank you to everyone who believes in me and support my music, to everyone who helped me to realize this project, to my parents, my true friends and all the people I met until this point. This album is dedicated to each one of you, because you’re part of me through your presence into my life: you all inspired this project and I wish you all the best.

lunedì 19 gennaio 2015

Apes On Tapes - Summertone (Punkrockers) (Stèv Remix)

My contribution to my friends Apes On Tapes "Summertonalities" remixes EP, which includes also the renditions by HLMNSRA, Kappah, After Crash and Backwords.

See the "music" section for free download link!

venerdì 9 gennaio 2015

Nujabes - Battlecry (feat. Shing02) (Stèv Remix)

A remix I made of one of my favourite songs ever by one of the musicians who changed my life. This is not just a rework, but a real tribute I wanted to give to Jun straight from my heart. Shing02 is also one of my favourite artists ever and this track is the first one I heard from them. It means really a lot to me!

Please see the "Music" section to find the link to free download it.

giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

I am on the Grabber Soul 1st Italian Beat Makers Convention documentary on Red Bull!

Today, on the Red Bull website, came out this great documentary about the amazing First Italian Beat Makers Convention, Grabber Soul, organized by amazing guys of the Fresh Yo! Label, which is one of the most interesting and powerful labels in the italian underground scene! This was a special event, which witnessed the strong union of the italian underground electronic movement! I took part as partecipant, I had great jam sessions with other musicians and played my love show as well! Such an honour to be part of this beautiful community! Here, in the video, you'll find me and other cool friends such as Godblesscomputers, Go Dugong, Sonambient, Apes On Tapes, kappah & Kali, HellomynameisraBioshi Kun (and the list goes on...) playing music in jam session and in live shows as well as talking about the musical movement! The documentary is in Italia, but I suggest you to watch it anyway, to feel the stunning energy which pervaded Florence on that awesome day!

giovedì 29 maggio 2014

Interview on Dance Like Shaquille O'Neal

Before leaving I did an interview for Dance Like Shaquille O'Neal!! We spoke about the new album, the collab with Resotone on No Sound Lost, Japan and of course music...

The interview is in italian: