martedì 9 agosto 2016

Beautiful "Nakamise" inspired video by Mario Pio D'Apote

Back in the days, the first I went to Japan, 4 years ago, I was so inspired by Nakamise-dōri, in Asakusa: the street that connects Kaminarimon to the entrance of the temple was something so special to me, that I decided to record tons of sounds from that source and create a track for that place. The tune "Nakamise (仲見世)" became part of my third record "Elsewhere EP", my first ever release on my family label Loci Records, back in 2013. The super talented videomaker and friend Mario Pio D'Apote, inspired by my music, decided to shoot and edit this super beautiful video during his trip in Japan (which happened to be in the same days I was there the last time, this year) and created something really beautiful which I have the honour to share with everyone! Really grateful for his work!

Enjoy my favourite country through theese stunning images!