lunedì 4 maggio 2015

New single premiere: "Urbinian"

HERE WE GO!!! - part.2

Today is available the streaming of the second tune off my forthcoming album, named “Urbinian”, through Indie Shuffle!
You'll find it here:

"With a bouncy-super-feel-good vibe and a side of a chill, Stèv manages to take a bunch of different sounds and meld them together until you can't find where the electronic in the track ends and the organic begins. He does all this while leaving the listener with an excellent warm weather track, one that just seems like it would coincide perfectly with an ice cold cocktail while sitting around the pool." – Indie Shuffle

This tune is inspired and dedicated to all my friends of Urbino, a small place where I lived for a while, years ago. I used to study at the Fine Art Academy there, but decided to leave to completely dedicate myself to music. Luckly, during the time I spent living there, I found some of the most important people of my life and, due to the city is located near to my hometown, I kept going there to meet them and I have only beautiful and emotional things to remember: a true friendship which crosses the distances and leads us going through several kilometers just to stay together. A stunning place, with stunning people! I’ll keep forever theese memories with me! Straight from my heart, through my art, this piece is for each one of you!